Powerfull STEM - ROBOTICS KIT for Majority of People

G-Robot include everything for students & teacher approach STEM - Robotics.

GaraSTEM story

GaraSTEM is one of the pioneering units in Vietnam specialized in manufacturing and supplying tools, equipments, lab rooms about STEM Education - the top tier education method in the world. With hope of bringing about not only good quality STEM products but also affordable for every family, so that children everywhere may have access to this best education method. Our company and our creative Vietnamese products, high quality, with Japanese technology has helped has helped the company be recognized in many creativity competitions in Switzerland, Denmark and Thailand.

STEM - Robotics Completed Pack
We also supply everything you need for perform a STEM - Robotics Lab just by one sollution.

Our Perfect Team

We are Entrepreneurs, Science, Engineer, Marketing, Educator have the passion and mission with STEM - Robotics Education.

Our Product

We proudly want to share our product with heart and passion with STEM - Robotics Education.

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