G-Robot box is a hands-on, cross-curricular STEM solution that engages students by providing the resources to design, build and program their creations while helping them develop essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. A Core Set supports two students and comes with a getting-started guide, video tutorials, and standards-aligned lesson plans.

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The system includes the G-Robot Intelligent Board, a compact and powerful programmable board that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback using the intuitive icon-based programming that is delivered with the set. The set is delivered in a sturdy storage bin with a sorting tray, two DC Motors, one Servo Motor, two Sensors (Ultrasonic, Light follow), double Rechargeable DC Battery, connecting cables, and building instructions.

Box include

Includes 101 elements that can be used for teaching science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science.

Software & Curriculum

  • GaraSTEM Software available soon on Store (Google Play or AppStore). But right now you can down load our .APK file to use (Android only). Software have some mode for student and educator can build and program with G-Robot. In the application we also have:
    • PLAY for Racing | Fight | Music compose.
    • LEARN for coding and watching the simulation of Robot before it RUN. Have some sample code for you to have FUN.
    • BUILD for building instruction of 10 models of Robot.
    • CODE for coding Scratch 3.0.
    • SETTING for edit some Application setting.
  • The G-Robot comes with a curriculum pack and includes 10 tutorials to help you and your students learn the basics of G-Robot.

Key learning values

Students design and build programmable robots using high quality motors, sensors, wheels and other technical components. By using hands-on robotics, students will gain a better understanding of how technology works in real world applications.

The solution enables students to understand and interpret two-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional models; build, test troubleshoot and revise designs to improve robot performance; Gain practical, hands-on experience using mathematical concepts such as estimating and measuring distance, time and speed.

Technical Support

We’re here to support you before, during and after purchase. Online and telephone support is available for brick replacement, software-related queries or general technical questions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Call (+84) 1646 727 440 or visit our support pages.


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